Rosengård Centrum part I – Temporary Installation

Amiralsstaden is a urban development process taking place in Malmö, run by the municipality of Malmö. It has its geographic center in the upcoming Rosengård station. The ambition of the process follows the Malmö commission’s recommendations to work with social initiatives together in knowledge alliances. Disorder worked as consultants for the project 2015 – 2017 with focus on communication, dialogue and local involvement.

During the summer of 2016 Disorder worked to activate and communicate the work of Amiralsstaden and at the same time initiate a dialogue process with residents and other actors in the area. The focus was specifically a place outside the library in Rosengård Center. The place had been neglected for many years but had a great potential of becoming a meeting place. The focus group for the dialogue work was young residents of the neighbourhood between the ages of 5-15 years, a group often unable to take part in urban development processes. A number of workshops was held in collaboration with mainly the local library, Tegelhuset (the local youth club) and Save the Children. Participants explored the site through different methods and materials.

The workshops resulted in a play and seating structure inspired by the participants’ work. A modular system of benches and tables at different heights, inviting people to climb and sit on it. The workshops were the start of a longer dialogue process led by Disorder.

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