In collaboration with Folkets Park in Malmö (the oldest public park of its kind in Sweden!) Disorder have worked together with a team of 16 local 16 – 18 yr olds on developing spaces for them to hang out in the park. The result is a temporary design for the spring/summer of 2019 of Vänskapstorget (the space is named by the teenagers themselves) – a space for teenagers by teenagers with the possibility of several different activities on site. The site will grow/change/transform throughout the summer.

Vänskapstorget is designed by Disorder in collaboration with Hussein, Safia, Maya, Moamel, Noras, Abdulhadi, Joy, Sakariya, Amal, Zabeh, Tarek, Asha, Dania, Nezar, Ayoub and Omar.


Grand opening April 26, 2019:

IMG_9936 IMG_9939 IMG_9946 IMG_9945 IMG_9904 IMG_9937


Workshops spring 2019:

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