Disorder is part of an outdoor, month long Future Public Space exhibition in Malmö, opening June 1. The exhibition is looking into public space and how it fits into our fast-paced, ever evolving society. Disorders contribution to the exhibition is the installation DYSTOPIA.





The future may seem bright. Especially in an area like the western harbour in

Malmö. Prosperity seems to be the future. Innovation is a key word when selling

this emerging neighbourhood the global creative society. But whom is this area

designed for–in reality? Who will live here and who will have access to the future

public spaces in the area?

Public spaces are often celebrated as spaces where we learn tolerance and

democracy. The ancient Greek agora is still the role model. But it’s easy to forget

that in the cradle of democracy not everyone was included. Women and slaves

were not allowed to enjoy the benefits of the free democratic society. And today we

see a world where democracy is being questioned. In large cities all over the world

public spaces are turning private and a new form of architecture is introduced. It

goes by many names. Hostile, defensive, unpleasant… The list can be made long

but the goal is the same: To keep unwanted people and behaviour away.

Dystopia investigates how a future  public space that

focuses on exclusion rather than inclusion would be designed. This is a dystopia.

This is not the future we want. This is the future we fear.

Think of it as a warning.


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