OpenART is Scan­di­navia’s biggest public art bien­nial, running for twelve weeks in Örebro, Sweden. Contem­po­rary art from all over the world is temporarily displayed in the city center, for everyone to expe­ri­ence.

The installation DIS/ORIENTATION by DIS/ORDER at OpenART 2015 is a collection of posters designed for and posted in the urban places of Örebro. They carry messages that provoke the citizens of Örebro to discover new places, experience their city in new ways and reflect on public space. The messages on the posters urge people to walk straight ahead for 20 minutes, go to the nearest lawn – lie down and look at the sky, or ask a stranger about their favourite place in town – and go there.

In a playful way the messages challenge the force of habit and question existing conventions on what activities are allowed in public space – the posters are like playing cards which lead the curious player to unexpected places.

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