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DIS/ORDER is an experimental and research based collective founded by Johanna Bratel and Karin Andersson. We focus on the potential of urban spaces by questioning contemporary conventions about what a city is an can be. We have a norm critical perspective in our work and strive to make what is outside the norm visible, make space for more people and shine a light on unequal power structures in urban environments.

Architecture and the built environment is the physical frame that determines the possibilities people have to live their lives. Therefor these frames must mirror all the various lives that are to take place here, and truly be based upon the various experiences and preferences of its users.

Knowledge is power! A more democratic development of urban spaces is based upon inclusive and equal collaboration with citizens, often this calls for more knowledge about the processes and methods of urban design and planning. Hence we invest a fair amount of time and effort in our projects on urban pedagogy. According to us, this is necessary when giving citizens the tools to participate and gain more power. Architecture and urban planning is in themselves important tools for engaging citizens in social issues since their input becomes a physical monument over their influence. Rightly used architecture can contribute to a more tolerant, open and inclusive society.




DIS/ORDER is founded by landscape architects Karin Andersson and Johanna Bratel.

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Urban Studies at Malmö University (swe)

Swedish Institute / Aiming for democratic architecture (swe)

Urban Tank (turkey)

Göteborgs stadstriennal (swe)

Förskolan Rosenlund (swe)

5615 Karlskorna Kulturarkipelag (swe)

Form/Design Centre (swe)

Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (swe)

Culture and Leisure Services Department, City of Lund (swe)

Sydsvenskan (swe)

Dagens arena (swe)

London Festival of Architecture (uk)

Örebro Open Art (swe)

Summer Studio (swe/uk)

Victoria and Albert Museum (uk)

ArkDes (swe)

Färgfabriken (swe)

Cyklopen (swe)

Folkets Park, Malmö (swe)

Bang Bang Dance (south korea)

Department of urban development, City of Malmö (swe)

Trianon (swe)

Malmös kommunala bostadsbolag (swe)

Go Down Art Center (kenya)

Svenska Institutet (swe)

Rosengårds bibliotek (swe)

Tegelhuset (swe)

Skånes konstförening (swe)

Maria Hellström Reimer, MAH (swe)

The Connectors Society (swe)