Part of research team in project on accessible and inclusive open storm water solutions.

2018 – 2021 Disorder was part of a research team working with idea development for accessible and inclusive open storm water solutions. Coordinator for the project was RISE Research Institutes of Sweden – RISE urban development.

The primary purpose of the project was to contribute to knowledge development and increased innovation in the area of open stormwater systems, with a focus on social aspects. 

The project resulted in a collection of good examples with descriptions and outlines of concepts for open stormwater solutions that contribute to more inclusive public spaces and social values in our cities. The designs were be based on Swedish conditions and guidelines on accessibility. 

The project is a collaboration between  Disorder, Rise institute, HDK / Valand, Liljevall architects, Utopia, Kvadrin architects, Urban planning office of Gothenbrug, SLU, Usify, Vellinge municipality.

More info at RISE, www.ri.se/sv/vad-vi-gor/projekt/tink-dagvatten