Design commissioned by the City Planning Office of Malmö and Fastighets AB Trianon.

In the redesign of  Tandläkarplatsen (”the Dentist place”) in Rosengård, Malmö, Disorder has facilitated a process that involves residents of the neighbourhood and raises voices that are usually not heard in urban development processes – children and young people. The site was chosen in cooperation with local associations, it was earlier in decline but had great potential in becoming a central meeting place.

Disorder has worked closely with local associations and residents, mainly through the local library Rosengårdsbiblioteket and the youth center Tegelhuset, to explore the place collectively and understand the needs and wishes of the residents. The process led to a permanent transformation based on children and young people’s visions. The site was previously used primarily by men and the ambition to pursue an equal process, the only way to create gender equality places was therefor basic.

Tandläkarplatsen is a place filled with color, shape and lighting. Tandläkarplatsen is an active place with among other things an outdoor gym/playground.