Head of the course advanced project management at Urban Studies, Malmö University.

2018 – 2019 Disorder was in charge of the course Advanced Project Management at Urban Studies at Malmö University. The course was in 2018 a collaboration with
KRUT – an initiative to create democratic and equal spaces for local youth located at Malmö City Library. And in 2019 Save the children – a leading humanitarian organization for children, and their local meeting space in Rosengård, Varda . The students were assigned to interpret KRUT and Save the Children’s mission, write their own brief for the task and deliver suggestions on how KRUT and Save the Children can improve their projects or their space to make it even more democratic and equal.

The students were encouraged to spend their days at KRUT and Varda, to get to know the space and its users really well. They all made prototypes and tested their ideas in full scale on site and let the results inform their final suggestions. 

Advanced Project Management is included in the bachelor program Architecture, Visualisation and Communication at Malmö University.