Temporary public space in Folkets Park, Malmö.

Vänskapstorget – an activity space for teenagers, is the result of a collaborative design process with a group of teenagers from all over Malmö. The ambition was to give young people a voice, and to create a welcoming, inclusive meeting-place that young people in the city can feel ownership of and want to spend time at. In 2019 Vänskapstorget was designad in collab with a team of sixteen 16 – 18 yr olds, in 2020 Vänskapstorget was further developed in collab with seven 17 – 18 yr olds.

The result is a temporary design for the spring/summer of 2020 of Vänskapstorget (the space is named by the teenagers themselves) – a space for teenagers by teenagers with the possibility of several different activities on site.

Vänskapstorget 2020 is created for Folkets Park, Malmö Stad, in collab with: Dalila, Ajdin, Tarik, Valeria, Conrad, Natasha, Shqiponja.

Photo: Ali Jehad