Temporary activities and interventions in the public space of Gottsunda. 

Disorder was in 2020 commissioned by Uppsala Municipality to carry out a number of temporary activities and interventions in the public space in Gottsunda.

The goal was to:

– Activate public spaces together with citizens.
– Create visible imprints in the public space.
– Raise new perspectives. The emphasis is on involving target groups who are not usually heard, or do not usually spend time in the public space.
– Establish exploratory work methods that involve flexibility and reflection.

We named the project Tio Test i Gottsunda, Ten Tests in Gottsunda.

Test #7 was exploring, in collaboration with the local youth club, what seating that support young people in the public space could look like. The result is four seat-sculptures in colored concrete placed in front of the youth club. The sculptures offers new forms of socializing, based on the participants visions for playful seating.