Workshop and installation on the art of getting lost. 

In this workshop and installation Disorder use The Situationist International’s method for wandering as a critical tool to investigate cities. The participants receive a deck of cards with different tasks. With the deck of cards in their hand the participants have to do as they are instructed.

In a playful way Get out of here! challenge the force of habit and question existing conventions on what activities are allowed in public space. 

Get out of here! has been carried out as:

– Workshop in Izmir together with Urban Tank, part of the exhibition Aiming for Democratic Architecture, produced by Architects Sweden and curated by Mycket for SI, on display at K2 in Izmir.
– Workshop with landscape architect students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
– Workshop with visitors of Victoria and Albert Museum Late Night.
– Workshop with visitors of London Festival of Architecture.
– Workshop and lecture at Smålands Litteraturfestival.
– Installation at OpenART, Scan­di­navia’s biggest public art bien­nial.